BMW, one of the most sought-after brands in cars all over the world, has provisions for programming its keys! Yes, with the advancement of technology, you have many tools and software that can be used for programming the keys to these cars. Let us know more about these BMW Key Programmers.

A BMW key programmer allows the users to read, write, block, unblock, save or delete any CSA key. A BMW key programmer in an all-in-one programmer which is capable of solving different issues related to BMW key programming.

One of the leading BMW key programmers is Autohex II. This brand also produces diagnostic software for BMW. Its main key learning functions are:

  • Managing Current Keys: It enables or disables keys in BMW vehicles.
  • To Program Key in Ignition Shot: It can be used to program transponders in ignition shot.
  • To Program Prepared Key: It can program a prepared key in HTag Pro Key Tool.
  • Program Key when All Working Keys are Lost: It mainly deals with the cars whose all keys are lost in encrypted CAS3, CAS3+ and CAS4.

Here are three key programming methods with respect to BMW Key Programming to try out:

  • Method 1
  • Here you need to work from inside the vehicle with the doors shut.
  • The ignition must be turned to Position1 and it should be turned off after five minutes.
  • The key should be removed from ignition. Next, the unlock button must be pressed and held for about 15 seconds at this time. Within these 15 seconds, the key lock button should be pressed thrice (for duration of five seconds each time).
  • Finally, both the buttons must be released.
  • Method 2

Here two keys are required- one that is working and the other which requires programming.

  • One needs to get inside and close all the doors.
  • The ignition must be turned on and then immediately turned off. It should not take more than five seconds for the purpose. One needs to perform the next action within 30 seconds.
  • The first key should be removed.
  • The key must be held near someone’s left shoulder (in order to keep it closer to the remote receiver antenna).
  • The unlock button must be held down and the lock button must then be pressed thrice. The unlock button and the door lock confirming the operation must then be released.
  • Finally, repeat the above steps for the other keys like Key 2.

Note: You do not know in which order it would work. So, try out both combinations such as Key 1 followed by Key 2 and vice versa.

  • Method 3

People who do not have a working remote may try out this one.

  • You must turn the key to position 1 five times in a very quick manner five times.
  • The key must then be removed.
  • The unlock button must be held and then the lock button must be pressed thrice. Finally, release the unlock button.
  • In case there’s another key, the same button pressing must be done for 30 seconds.

It should be kept in mind that this procedure is applicable for the remote control part of the key. A transponder chip of the immobiliser (the part that is concerned with starting of the car) cannot be done in this way. You need to contact a specialist for the purpose.

For more information related to this field, trust no other company except Microtronik.

So, all the BMW owners out there- enjoy key programming with your car now!

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